Grace QOTD: Religious Indoctrination & Education

Grace attended a catholic school for her kindergarten year of school. It was the only school in our district area that offered full time kindergarten. For us, it was that….or quit my day job. She was ready….she was pumped….and I was a bit worried to be honest with you. Young minds are impressionable. Absolute indoctrination at any point in one’s life, I consider unhealthy.

Grace dancing with bubbles at tipi setup

In Grade One, a spot opened up for her at our local public school in the French Immersion program, which she was also quite ready for, and so we moved her over to the public school to take advantage of the opportunity for her to learn another language. I would have hoped it would be Blackfoot immersion, but the school system just isn’t there yet, is it?

Now, a month and a bit into her Grade Two year at the public school, she has ceased crossing herself and screaming at the top of her lungs every time we pass a church, “STOP THE CAR! It’s the HOLY CROSS OF JESUS!”

Grace had a few comments on her schooling at the lunch table this past Saturday. She has friends that she continues to talk about and visit from her kindergarten year but has mostly moved on and offered this observation:

“Mom, I like my school. At my first school, all we cared about was…. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Now, we do things that care about other people, the earth, the animals and each other. I think that is what it means about understanding the Creator.”

Well. Balance is complicated, isn’t it? And apparently, assimilation can be reversed.

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  1. LezleyDavidson

    Wow… how relieved are you?

    I have to be honest… at the risk of sounding like a jerk – most religions give me the creeps.

    There’s no room to breathe, no space to investigate or discover. It’s given TO you, whole and complete.

    I feel more comfortable in a divine space with room to ask questions. A place where not everything has to be decided. Where I can meet the Creator half-way and we can both be responsible for the relationship.

    I live in a world revealing a mystery. I like not having final answers. I like being shown as I go.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Janice Tanton

      I’m just very grateful that she is her own little person and continues to absorb the world around her with an attitude of curiosity and wonder, Lezley. Would that we all could do that! 🙂 Thank you!

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