Natural Drawing Online Courses!

The pandemic has gone on a long time – more than long enough for you to learn how to bake bread, learn how to knit, build that model railway from scratch and read every book that you thought you’d never catch up with on your book club.

With all this time on your hands, you’re probably dying to find something to do and calm your nerves. I’ve got just the thing for you!

I can teach you how to draw! How about finding something you can pick up anywhere, at any time with just a pen/pencil and a piece of paper.

What if I told you that there is a way to escape the bad news and miserable outlook on Facebook and Social Media but still find a community of kind people, working on goals of creativity and learning together?

This is my invitation for you to join us at :

When you subscribe, you’ll automatically get access to four Natural Drawing Basics courses and all the books plus JTAA Community Content and Exercises! Over 120 pages of exercises and instruction to help you develop your practice along the way.

Join us!

I’ve broken down learning how to drive into an easy, natural way of making marks and being creative! You’ll learn, from the safety of your own home, how to unleash your inner child and what to say to that inner critic that holds you back and tells you that you can’t ‘do it!’

All of the courses are online – you can do them from your laptop, your desktop or smartphone. The platform supports Android and iOs!

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