Pocket Watercolour Journalling Workshop

Pocket Watercolour Journalling WOrkshop

Join me for an online watercolour journalling workshop!

Date: November 6 and 7, 2021.

Time: 9 am – 12 noon MST

Where: Online at the Janice Tanton Academy (Zoom and Link provided)

For more information, please Click On This Link which will take you to a secret registration and information page on the Janice Tanton Art Academy! (Just for my blog subscribers!)

Only 15 spaces available!

Pocket Watercolour Journalling is a fast, simple and easy way to create meaningful painted moments & expand your creativity.

  • Discover ways to use watercolour and pen & ink to create your own illustrated journal.
  • Tips and tricks on page layouts and what to put in your journal!
  • Creative storytelling and memory-saving/making tips!
  • Travel at home while Covid is still happening – grab some photos of your own and let’s get making!
  • Using your journal as a planner for future projects.
  • Pictorial snippets, colour swatches How-TO!
  • PLUS ONE FREE month access to Janice Tanton Art Academy and all the exciting weekly exercises, articles and art tips you’ve come to know and love.
  • ADDED BONUS! “Simple Colour Theory” self-study online course packed with videos and how-to’s to get you up and running FAST with colour!

In this course, we will combine our creativity and learn some technical skills with watercolour, pen and ink and thought-journalling to create a colourful and joyful daily record of our lives and special moments. Pocket Watercolour is a wonderful way to record travel, travel at ‘home’, moments in your day and can work when you are on a car ride, waiting for an appointment or sitting in the park or at home on your couch.

Course will run SATURDAY NOVEMBER 6, and SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7 via ZOOM from 9 am – 12 pm MST (each day).


Materials List provided upon registration.


Pocket Watercolour Journalling is SO useful and portable. With just a small Cotman watercolour pochade kit, watercolour crayons or pencils, a watercolour notebook, a pen and some water, you can create imaginative artists’ books to record just about anything!

Put down the iPhone and learn to capture fleeting moments and make them last longer with this fluid and fun medium. No experience required! Maximum of 15 students per workshop!

We will run the workshop as a LIVE ZOOM class, starting Saturday Nov 6 – 9 am – 12 noon MST and then a second half of the class on Sunday, Nov 7 from 9 am – 12 noon MST. 6 Full hours of instruction and exercises together!

By the end of Pocket Watercolour Journalling, you will have a full understanding of how to creatively set up your pages and thoughts; create a colour swatch library that is personal to you; experiment with watercolour and pen/ink combinations to create fluid, on the spot mini-paintings to record life around you, your thoughts, dreams and imaginings!


This is an introduction to using watercolour in a journal/sketch experience. It will help you if you have SOME idea of colour mixing, but really – that can all be done within your journal itself, and so it also provides an opportunity to loosely begin and discover colour as well as loose, sketchy images to remind you of trips…vacations…moments…just about anything that catches your eye!

What are you waiting for? Come and join some like-minded folks and begin this joyful journey together.


Additionally, you will be given FREE access to “Simple Colour Theory – Made Easy!” as an additional self-study course to get you familiar with mixing colours.

The NUMBER ONE question I am always asked by my painting students is, “HOW DO YOU MIX THAT COLOUR?” This course will answer all those questions in a simple, step by step process working with primary, secondary and tertiary colours, using a combination of three primary colours. It’s up to you from there to discover how many combinations you can create. This will give you a starting place and a way to talk about colour and mixing so that it becomes second-nature.

I will take you through how to construct a colour wheel, working with primary, secondary and tertiary colours and then how to mix across the colour wheel for greys and neutrals that will make your paintings sing!

TIP:: Sign up today and get started on this video tutorial BEFORE your Pocket Watercolour Workshop so that you have the colour vocabulary you need to succeed!

Last but not least, you’ll receive access to the Janice Tanton Art Academy – a vibrant community of artists JUST LIKE YOU! With Tuesday drawing challenges, a heartfelt community engages in gratitudes, all things art, special projects, drawing assistance and a TON of content that you’ll never get through in one month! Meet some new art friends and find out what the buzz is all about! If you like it, join us more permanently in a ‘cancel anytime’ monthly subscription for as low as $29.99 USD/month. Workshops fill up quickly, so grab your paintbrushes and join us today!

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