2010 Janice Tanton Art Retrospective

Elk Dog - Ponokamitaa:: Janice Tanton 2010.
Elk Dog - Ponokamitaa:: © Janice Tanton 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Looks like I managed to complete 55 works in 2010.

Pretty easy to see what influenced me most this year – the “Yours, Mine, The Other” show really made an impact on the direction for my work.

Canoes, Barns, Indigenous themes and horses continue to grab my attention. I never know what the paintbrush will hold or in what magical directions my mind and hands will take me. It’s such a gift to be able to look back at a year and a body of work and see some progress in the practice. I feel so lucky and grateful to be working as an artist, and I want to give thanks for those of you who have supported, encouraged and dogged me along the way. Thank you all…this is a celebration of community at work.

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