Solstice – My Change of Seasons & Reasons

Well, December 21st marked the end of an admin era for me. After 5 years, 5 months and 12 days of service at The Banff Centre, I find myself in a fresh new (old) world once again, fully self-employed as a full time artist, working full, full time in my studio. It’s amazing to me, the things that call a person to action and creation. There are passions that rule our hearts and always have a place. I feel this is a greater and more important return to being a Full Time Human Being. Office work and environments can be soul-killing to the heart of an artist, no matter the organization.

Full Time Human Beings need to be free and I wasn’t feeling much that way over the past year.

The last day in the office yesterday was capped with a wonderful Christmas carolling party with good friends, a toast with ginger ale (my fave!) and the big added bonus of my mom and dad joining in the carolling. Many thanks to C & T for hosting this every year at their lovely home, and making everyone feel so welcome. It’s so good to have such good friends and I’m grateful to each of you.

The smell of oil paints are calling me…

-Full Time Artist

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