2015 – A New Year, New Outlook and New Works

I'm now feeling like I'm finally back on the horse. 2015 is looking like a brand new horizon and to ring in the new year, I've been back in the studio almost working full time. It's a great feeling to finally have some control back in my arm and painting hand, and I have more paintings in my head than I could possibly paint in four lifetimes.

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10 Stupid Ways & 10 Meaningful Ways To Measure Success As An Artist

YOU are the only one who can answer what success means for you. I'd challenge you to think about that and design your own yearly success measurement...and then celebrate the heck out of it! There are some pretty stupid measurements some artists use to measure their success. I offer up my metric system...

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Undercurrents:: The Red Canoe Series

Tanton's Red Canoe Series is all about perfection, movement and change which forever surround us so it seems quite apropos that these are her first finished works for 2011. For thousands of years, the canoe has been the perfect model of perfect design, where form and function cannot be improved upon and relate directly to the intended use. Aboriginal people all across Canada and in other countries around the world, understood the value and intrinsic spirituality of this vessel. In it's original form, regionally refined, the canoe is the most perfect design in all respects. It allowed for survival and transportation in harsh conditions using indigenous natural materials in a sustainable way.

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