The Artist’s Daughter – Classical Realism

I'm pleased to present the finished work, "The Artist's Daughter". Featured in earlier posts, and the subject of a process video (see links below), this has been an important work for me - not only because my model and muse is my daughter Grace, but because it was my first concentrated effort in creating a figurative work in a classical style.

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The Artist’s Daughter – Work In Progress, Day 1

Earlier this month, I finished a sketch of my daughter Grace. My intent is to work through this painting in a method akin to the school of academic realists currently working in New York and around the world. I'm a big fan of Jacob Collins and his contemporaries at The Grand Central Academy and I'd love to spend some time there with guys like Scott Waddell and Graydon Parrish. In the meantime, while I contemplate the dream of a summer studying in New York with these guys, I'm going to take a crack at working through this method and approach to classical painting.

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