Politics, Mothering, Sex and Religion – Another Illegitimate Canadian Government?

Who to vote for? Who to trust? Go with the gut feeling, and be informed. Vote! It seems these days, you can't check in on Twitter or Facebook without seeing someone posting about the upcoming federal election, votemobs .....or the Vancouver Canucks. Everyone seems to have an opinion. I love seeing this type of engagement and I'm glad that I live in a country where we can express these freedoms. I've been more accustomed over the past decade or so to see apathy abound where voting is concerned.

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The Politics of Creativity (& Education)…Part One

Take up a voice in championing the arts in education at the K-12 levels, or the arts funding cuts will continue to occur. In the end, our society will suffer because we have failed to impart critical thinking skills necessary to solve the complex problems of our society or to provide alternative education methods. Our systems have let us down. At the end of the day, it falls upon wise parents to impart not only art skills to the best of their ability, but most importantly, the critical thinking processes involved when creating in the arts: brain skills that everyone requires.

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